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The following is just a sampling of the type of underground construction, directional boring that are completed everyday by Dakota. Whether you have a small project and just need to get under a driveway or a larger scale project we have the resources and experience to get it done for you. Working with Dakota is like having your own underground construction department - on demand. Of course we stand by our guarantee, if we can't do it we will find you someone who can.


We understand there are numerous options when it comes to underground construction and getting something (i.e. a cable, pipe, conduit, etc) from Point A to Point B and sometimes there are multiple obstacles and conditions in between that must be negotiated. Most often directional drilling (boring) and/or trenching is the preferred method, Dakota has the resources to get the job done for you. Your assigned project Manager will recommend which method may be best for your project, but the final decision of course rests with you, The customer.



Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a construction technique whereby a tunnel is drilled under a waterway or other designated area, and a pipeline or other utility is pulled through the drilled underground tunnel. The underground tunnel follows an arc line from the entry point, down under the special crossing area, and then resurfaces on the opposite side. Using advanced technology and highly trained technicians, a drill head guides the drilling pipe electronically to ensure the angle, depth, and exit point adhere to carefully designed engineering plans.

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